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School Sanitation Services

Saraplast Pvt. Ltd.

Saraplast is a for-profit company dedicated to providing adequate sanitation and hygiene products and services to the poor in India, particularly for schools which require these services for their students.

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Sanitation Entrepreneur Development


Svadha links rural entrepreneurs with high quality sanitation materials and assists them in implementing sanitation infrastructure.

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Water Tank Cleaning


Tanclean’s full cleaning procedure makes building water tanks 100% bacteria-free and suitable for storing clean drinking water.

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Safi Pads: Reusable Menstrual Pads

Impact Africa Industries

Impact Africa is an organization that seeks to empower young girls and women by giving them affordable sanitary pad kits to support their continued education.

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Pit-Emptying Services in Urban Slums

Forever Sanitation

Forever Sanitation uses unique equipment to empty latrine pits in low-income areas that are not generally accessible by larger waste removal services or where other methods of waste removal are not affordable.

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Ceramic Water Filter Production

SMS Ceramic

SMS Ceramic produces and distributes silver-coated ceramic water filters at an affordable price.

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3rd Party ODF Certification and Sanitation Marketing


When SteadFirst realized that villages that did not meet ODF standards lacked support to achieve this goal, they developed sanitation marketing, behavior change, and other types of support to meet this community demand.

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Bio-digester Toilets by Banka BioLoo

Banka BioLoo

To address the need for a cheaper and easy-to-operate alternative to the traditional waste disposal system, Banka BioLoos offer a sanitation solution that treats waste at the source.

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(B)energy is a social business providing mobile biogas technology through local franchisees. The (B)franchisee makes the technology available to local customers who become biogas producers with the opportunity to sell biogas to neighboring households.

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Rural Water Kiosks Providing Affordable Drinking Water

Spring Health

Spring Health operates a radically decentralised model that partners kirana shops in small villages in Eastern India to treat and sell water with an enterprise model that is affordable, scalable and impactful.

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Waterlife Community Drinking Water Program

Waterlife India Pvt. Ltd.

Waterlife India sets up Community Drinking Water Plants that can effectively treat all types of contamination and ensure a high-quality water supply.

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On-Site Waste Management Through Biogas

Green Heat

Green Heat installs biodigester systems in households to provide a clean and renewable source of fuel, and provides financing opportunities for low-income households to become entrepreneurs.

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Afrisol Energy Ltd Eco Toilet

Afrisol Energy Ltd

Afrisol provides renewable energy solutions for a green, healthy and wealthy Africa through utilization of locally available materials and resources. This includes a biodigester toilet which converts waste to energy for underserved Kenyans.

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Sanivation offers customer-oriented sanitation services, including waste collection and processing.

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EVA Wear

Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles uses leftover factory textiles to make an affordable, reusable, and accessible menstrual pad for women and girls in East Africa.

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