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The Kasiisi Project Girls’ Program

The Kibale Forest Schools' Program

The Kasiisi Project Girls Support Program has three main initiatives: keeping girls in school, informing them about their sexual health, and helping them become economically independent.

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Women’s WASH Promotion

Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT)

KWDT's integrated water, hygiene and sanitation program engages and supports women to increase their access to clean and safe drinking water, access to adequate sanitation, and to improve hygiene in households and communities.

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Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All (SSH4A)

Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment West Nile (RICE-WN)

The SSH4A program creates demand for proper sanitation and practice of safe hygiene behaviors in the communities served using innovative approaches that utilize the locally available materials.

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Pit-Emptying Services in Urban Slums

Forever Sanitation

Forever Sanitation uses unique equipment to empty latrine pits in low-income areas that are not generally accessible by larger waste removal services or where other methods of waste removal are not affordable.

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Community Led Urban Environmental Sanitation (CLUES)

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal Systems (SSWARS)

CLUES is a seven-step planning process to improve community-led sanitation planning and advocacy efforts.

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Second Steps

Ugandan Water Project

Second Steps provides catalyst resources to start or grow small businesses in Uganda in association with Ugandan Water Project's established water project sites and relationships.

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Water Point Micro-Lending Program

Clear Water Initiative

The Clear Water Initiative supports communities to develop a mico-lending program based on water point user fees, which not only guarantees adequate funds for operation and maintenance of the water source, but also provides entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Environmental Landscaping and Sustainability Program

Joint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE)

The Environmental Landscaping and Sustainability Program places WASH interventions in the wider context of the natural environment, using an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach to ensure sustainable WASH coverage for communities.

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SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS of Water

SPOUTS of Water produces ceramic water filters and sells them to households at an affordable price.

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On-Site Waste Management Through Biogas

Green Heat

Green Heat installs biodigester systems in households to provide a clean and renewable source of fuel, and provides financing opportunities for low-income households to become entrepreneurs.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program

Irise International

Irise Uganda aims to deliver high quality, fact-based menstrual health education and a washable, reusable sanitary pad that is affordable and accessible to the end user.

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EVA Wear

Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles uses leftover factory textiles to make an affordable, reusable, and accessible menstrual pad for women and girls in East Africa.

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Safe Water Security Program


WHAVE is a model rural WASH utility focused on reliability of clean water supply and promotion of sanitation & hygiene, signing reliability assurance and WASH service agreements with communities and building PPPs for local cost recovery and sustainability.

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Fontes Foundation Safe Water Program

Fontes Foundation

Fontes Foundation works with fishing villages around Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda to ensure these communities have a sustained source of safe water.

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W2E Uganda

Waste2Energy (W2E)

W2E Uganda uses strategic partnerships with research institutes and the commercial sector to study the challenges limiting the sustainability of biogas digesters and to scale the solutions.

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