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Baby for Me (B4M)

Kilele Foundation

Baby for me is a disposable sanitary pad program which aims to support girls to stay in school and feel confident in their communities. It provides a long term solution to poor families that cannot afford artificial sanitary pads for their girls.

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I-Care Pads

Afri-Can Foundation

I-Care produces high-quality, washable sanitary pads, and provides healthy menstrual hygiene training and financial literacy that inspire confidence and equip vulnerable girls and women. In schools, I-Care also establishes health and saving clubs.

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Zana Pads


ZanaAfrica works with community-based organizations to teach girls about menstrual hygiene management and help them access reusable and disposable sanitary pads.

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Safi Pads: Reusable Menstrual Pads

Impact Africa Industries

Impact Africa is an organization that seeks to empower young girls and women by giving them affordable sanitary pad kits to support their continued education.

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Innovative Water Harvesting Systems

Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA)

RACIDA provides environmentally and financially sustainable access to water through solar-powered water pump systems and rainwater harvesting in communities and schools in Ethiopia.

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3rd Party ODF Certification and Sanitation Marketing


When SteadFirst realized that villages that did not meet ODF standards lacked support to achieve this goal, they developed sanitation marketing, behavior change, and other types of support to meet this community demand.

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Bio-Centre Initiative

Umande Trust

The Bio-Centre Initiative helps create open-defecation free urban neighborhoods through offering a menu of cashless payments, sanitation financing, and making sanitation facilities affordable.

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Afrisol Energy Ltd Eco Toilet

Afrisol Energy Ltd

Afrisol provides renewable energy solutions for a green, healthy and wealthy Africa through utilization of locally available materials and resources. This includes a biodigester toilet which converts waste to energy for underserved Kenyans.

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Prepaid Handpumps


Susteq provides reliable water access to people without running water in their homes using a micropayment system.

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Sanivation offers customer-oriented sanitation services, including waste collection and processing.

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Africa Water Bank

Africa Water Bank (AWB)

Africa Water Bank designs and installs innovative rainwater harvesting systems to supply clean drinking water to rural communities in Kenya.

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Kenya Ceramic Project and CeraMaji


The Kenya Ceramic Project and CeraMiaji sell low-cost ceramic filters to improve access to clean drinking water, and locally source manufacturing and distribution in order to ensure market creation for sustainable access.

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EVA Wear

Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles uses leftover factory textiles to make an affordable, reusable, and accessible menstrual pad for women and girls in East Africa.

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Village Drill


The Village Drill is a low-cost, easily transportable, and human-powered borehole drill creating economic independence and improving the health of individuals and communities.

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Chujio Water Filters

Chujio Ceramics Limited

Chujio Ceramics is a social enterprise manufacturing household ceramic filters which provide safe drinking water to improve family health.

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