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Water Facility Program

Community Based Health Care Council (CBHCC)

CBHCC designs and implements a variety of rural WASH interventions in close collaboration with the community to improve access to clean water and sanitation and promote community ownership and management of the facilities.

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Community Led Urban Environmental Sanitation (CLUES)

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Renewal Systems (SSWARS)

CLUES is a seven-step planning process to improve community-led sanitation planning and advocacy efforts.

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Parivartan: Providing Basic Services to the Urban Poor

Gujarat Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT)

The Mahila Housing Trust’s (MHT) Parivartan program works with municipal corporations to convert slums into residential societies, enabling equitable access to WASH services.

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Bio-Centre Initiative

Umande Trust

The Bio-Centre Initiative helps create open-defecation free urban neighborhoods through offering a menu of cashless payments, sanitation financing, and making sanitation facilities affordable.

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Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC)


MY Pads by Goonj are affordable, reusable, and biodegradable pads which are provided to women in India in tandem with information on healthy menstrual hygiene practices.

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One Home, One Toilet

Shelter Associates

Shelter Associates' community-centered, technology-driven approach promotes the vision of “one house, one toilet” to address the problem of urban sanitation in India.

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Urban Sanitation Program


Nidan uses continuous and community-centric behavior change communication to approach sanitation services as a part of broader developmental services for people in the informal sector.

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DIGDEEP Right to Water Project


DIGDEEP Water develops community-led water utilities that measurably improve human rights standards such as gender equity, access to education, and rule of law.

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Prepaid Handpumps


Susteq provides reliable water access to people without running water in their homes using a micropayment system.

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Delivering Clean Water to a Thirsty World


Wello is a social venture using an innovative water vessel called a WaterWheel designed to increase water collection and hygienic storage.

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Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

SWAP trains community health promoters in Western Kenya to promote healthy behaviors and sell health and hygiene products door-to-door in communities.

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