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Community and School Ecological Sanitation

Wherever the Need India Services (WTNIS)

In partnership with communities, Wherever the Need promotes ecological sanitation in communities, households, and schools, including the re-use of waste for agricultural purposes.

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Integrated Food Security and Sanitation

Ethiopia Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Development & Social Service Commission (EECMY)

EECMY combines food security and sanitation by working with communities to build EcoSan toilets and complementary composting initiatives for agricultural production.

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Maji Usafi wa Mazingira na Afya (MA.U.A)


IDYDC improves hygiene and sanitation services in rural and peri-urban areas of the Iringa region of Tanzania.

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Innovative Water Harvesting Systems

Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA)

RACIDA provides environmentally and financially sustainable access to water through solar-powered water pump systems and rainwater harvesting in communities and schools in Ethiopia.

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Tanzania SMART Centre


The Tanzania SMART Centre trains local private sector actors in the manufacturing, selling and installing of affordable WASH technologies to rural and semi-urban households.

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Integrating WASH Policy and Programming


RiPPLE aims to build the capacity of local organizations in order to improve WASH services, food security and reproductive and sexual health in communities in Ethiopia.

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Afrisol Energy Ltd Eco Toilet

Afrisol Energy Ltd

Afrisol provides renewable energy solutions for a green, healthy and wealthy Africa through utilization of locally available materials and resources. This includes a biodigester toilet which converts waste to energy for underserved Kenyans.

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Africa Water Bank

Africa Water Bank (AWB)

Africa Water Bank designs and installs innovative rainwater harvesting systems to supply clean drinking water to rural communities in Kenya.

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Sustainable Sanitation

Society for Community Organization and Peoples Education (SCOPE)

The Sustainable Sanitation program uses ECOSAN toilets which are responsive to the needs and contexts of those living in high water table areas of India and also contribute environmentally-friendly agricultural products for farming.

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W2E Uganda

Waste2Energy (W2E)

W2E Uganda uses strategic partnerships with research institutes and the commercial sector to study the challenges limiting the sustainability of biogas digesters and to scale the solutions.

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Delivering Clean Water to a Thirsty World


Wello is a social venture using an innovative water vessel called a WaterWheel designed to increase water collection and hygienic storage.

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Self-Sustaining WASH


Sambandh combines an integrated watershed approach to nutritional and food security with WASH strategies in an effort to address both the direct and underlying causes of malnutrition in India.

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Opportunities for Growth: An Obakki Approach to Food Security in South Sudan

Obakki Foundation

Obakki promotes food security in South Sudan by supporting existing community capacities with training such as in water system technologies and access to additional resources that the community jointly identifies.

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Testing of Ecological Sanitation Concepts

Centre for Environmental Education (CEE)

The Centre for Environmental Education (CEE) promotes sanitation solutions which are ecologically, economically, and technically intelligent choices.

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