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The Kasiisi Project Girls’ Program

The Kibale Forest Schools' Program

The Kasiisi Project Girls Support Program has three main initiatives: keeping girls in school, informing them about their sexual health, and helping them become economically independent.

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Tanzania SMART Centre


The Tanzania SMART Centre trains local private sector actors in the manufacturing, selling and installing of affordable WASH technologies to rural and semi-urban households.

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Breaking Silence for Menstrual Hygiene


Breaking Silence provides information about hygiene and menstrual management, access to safe water, and access to a private and clean place to change sanitary napkins.

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Prepaid Handpumps


Susteq provides reliable water access to people without running water in their homes using a micropayment system.

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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program

Irise International

Irise Uganda aims to deliver high quality, fact-based menstrual health education and a washable, reusable sanitary pad that is affordable and accessible to the end user.

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Delivering Clean Water to a Thirsty World


Wello is a social venture using an innovative water vessel called a WaterWheel designed to increase water collection and hygienic storage.

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Self-Sustaining WASH


Sambandh combines an integrated watershed approach to nutritional and food security with WASH strategies in an effort to address both the direct and underlying causes of malnutrition in India.

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Hygiene to You (Hy2U)


The Hy2U campaign promotes hand washing in poor rural and urban area schools by using a simple and innovative low-flow water dispenser.

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Chujio Water Filters

Chujio Ceramics Limited

Chujio Ceramics is a social enterprise manufacturing household ceramic filters which provide safe drinking water to improve family health.

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Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

SWAP trains community health promoters in Western Kenya to promote healthy behaviors and sell health and hygiene products door-to-door in communities.

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