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Reusable Sanitary Pads


AFRIPads empowers women and girls through business, innovation, and opportunity by manufacturing and selling reusable sanitary pads.

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Community and Schools Integrated WASH Improvement Project

Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda (RHCF)

Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda (RHCF) works to improve WASH in rural Uganda by providing clean and safe water.

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Making it Mobile: Using Real Time Data to Improve Water Service Delivery

Water Trust

Water Trust in investing in using and implementing software and training that allow local communities to monitor and maintain investments in water services such as hand pumps.

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Sanitation Solutions Group

Sanitation Solutions Group

Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG) is a sanitation enterprise that aims to scale up improved sanitation by providing affordable sanitation products and services to households through a market-based approach.

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Mobile for Water (M4W)

The Mobile for Water (M4W) Project

M4W improves the functionality of rural drinking water sources by enabling users to send text messages about a given water point to a system that records data and sends a mechanic when in need of repairs.

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