Millennium Water Alliance

Who is MWA?

Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) is a consortium of 16 major WASH organizations that aims to bring sustainable solutions to the WASH sector through advocacy, shared knowledge, and collaborative programming. MWA works with governments, corporations, foundations, individuals, and other non-governmental organizations to advance best practices, share knowledge, build collaborations, and advocate for greater commitment to WASH globally.

What MWA Brings to the Network

In partnership with Results for Development Institute (R4D), MWA leverages strong connections to the diverse set of stakeholders in the WASH sector to connect innovators to the information, resources, and partnerships they need to scale their impact. In the WASH sector, more so than in any other sector of international development, this means engaging with policymakers.

MWA believes that a core component of sustainable solutions in WASH is putting government at the center. “If innovation stays outside the public sector and public finance, it will always be marginalized,” said Susan Dundon, Director of Program Development at MWA. MWA does this with their own programs. For instance, MWA’s newest project in Kenya is supported by county water ministers, who are co-investing in the project and whose offices will also serve as the location for MWA’s offices to support communication and collaboration throughout the project.

Through workshops, convening events, and targeted relationship building, MWA will support innovators and policymakers to work together at the national, regional, and county level, and to collaborate on innovative solutions that can meet the persistent challenges that policymakers face in providing access to WASH services to their people.