Problem Addressed

Nidan works with people in the informal sector to assist them in accessing a range of developmental services, including assisting slum dwellers with procuring sanitation services. They work with some of the lowest income sections of society in the most economically challenged states of India. Workers in the informal sector in these areas commonly lack any economic, social or political agency.

Innovative Approach

Nidan develops ‘sanitation champions’ within communities who perform behaviour change communication (BCC) at various forums ranging from community gatherings to schools. The continuous BCC and support to act on the messaging, such as financing to construct toilets, have led to successful outcomes. They have been able to demonstrate the success of this model and have been encouraged by the government to replicate its work in the city of Dhanbad, in the goal of making the city open-defecation free.

Program Solution

Nidan’s Urban Sanitation Program is a community-led intervention that leverages its existing workers’ groups and processes including educational meetings, resource centers and schools, to spread sanitation and hygiene awareness. This knowledge is used to influence the government to design policies that are appropriate for existing urban conditions.