Problem Addressed

Open defecation is a practice engrained in rural society and changing the related attitudes and behaviors is challenging and takes time. Handwashing is also not standard in many places. Even after the desire for toilets has been established, people are not aware of the rights they are entitled to under the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). When residents are aware of their rights, construction of toilets as per specification in SBM is difficult because of corrupt practices in contractors. Another issue is the scarcity of water; in places where toilets are wanted, it can be difficult to get a source of water to make them operational.

Innovative Approach

NBJK is aiming for open defecation free communities in 61 villages, by providing the necessary software. This includes speaking with the community, mobilizing local governments for increased support, and promoting behavior change. For example, not all families that have toilets use them, so behavior change is key to NBJK’s mission, as is finding appropriate models of toilets that fit the lifestyle and water needs of the communities.

Program Solution

Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) builds rapport with communities and brings together stakeholders and government in an open conversation about water and sanitation. In order to ensure this involvement from the community, NBJK uses activities such as mason training, school sanitation awareness programs, handwashing day and street theater.

NBJK uses community-led total sanitation techniques to trigger local-level demand for toilets and encourages communities to equip themselves with the necessary facilities. Finally, adolescent groups are formed in slums to promote awareness aorund the issue of menstrual hygiene management.

About NBJK