Problem Addressed

More than 10 million Ugandans lack access to clean drinking water, and diarrheal diseases remain the number one cause of death for children under the age of 5. Everyone has the right to clean drinking water, and SPOUTS aims to deliver that right.

Innovative Approach

Spouts creates a long-term behavior shift towards people drinking clean water, by creating an affordable product in which people believe is worth investing. SPOUTS believes that if they can create a product that is seen as desirable, people will want to use these water filters. They also create these filters to be locally manufactured and highly effective.

SPOUTS of Water Approach (Video)

Program Solution

SPOUTS is an attempt to move away from traditional forms of aid that are often dependent on free distribution. By creating an affordable market product that is seen as desirable, SPOUTS works to create a sustainable business that also provides clean drinking water access to even the poorest of Ugandans.

SPOUTS locally manufactures ceramic water filters in Uganda and partners with institutions to provide financing options to individuals who cannot pay the up-front costs of the filters. To this end, they:

1. Provide micro-financing options to end-users through SACCOs, VSLAs, and microfinance institutions;

2. Utilize small scale entrepreneurs to sell filters to end users and hard-to-reach areas;

3. Partner with employers to directly provide financing options to employees.

SPOUTS has also worked to install filters in public spaces such as clinics, schools and prisons.