Problem Addressed

The problem for most small businesses in Uganda is a lack of access to capital, even in small amounts. Businesses remain unrealized or stagnant, unable to grow, simply due to a lack of resources or access to them.

Innovative Approach

In its Second Steps program, UWP identifies people in communities with unique skills or strengths, whom they call “sparklers,” and give them the assistance and resources they need to scale up their business or project. The approach is unique in that instead of trying to fix something that is broken, they try to strengthen something that is already working well, ultimately benefiting the community as a whole.


Program Solution

The Ugandan Water Project’s (UWP) Second Steps program works within relationships and communities where UWP has already implemented water solutions. When an opportunity to collaborate with a community, school, or individual arises, UWP assesses the needs and determines how they could be most helpful. Should UWP be able to meet the need within their scope and relationships, they help establish a plan. Funding typically consists of catalyst resources that implement relational solutions that help the recipient pull himself out of poverty in a sustainable way.

The end goal is for these resources to begin or restart a small business so that the recipient can begin to live the life he or she was created for, removing any dependence or need for repeat resources. Through investing in these relationships, UWP sows not only the finances needed to realize opportunities, but also trust and dignity in allowing people to pursue their dreams and provide for their families. For more information on other UWP projects, see here.