Problem Addressed

The urban poor are barred from having a toilet in their home because current sanitation options require an investment of money and space that the urban poor do not have. Over 7.1 million Kenyans living in urban areas lack household sanitation. This leads to sexual assault, disease spread, low self-worth, and environmental degradation.

Innovative Approach

Sanivation is innovative in their complete focus on service delivery to their clients and in tailoring solutions to the community through continuous feedback. They are also innovative in addressing the entire value chain of sanitation in that they collect waste and convert it into useable fuel. They are completely for-profit and sustain themselves through user fees and through selling the charcoal briquettes they manufacture from the waste they collect. Every part of their operations is locally delivered and manufactured.

Program Solution

Sanivation make toilets pleasant and unlocks value in waste streams to transform lives and protect the environment. Sanivation’s model has 3 main components:

1) Customer oriented waste collection services. When households subscribe to Sanivation’s service, they receive a free modern toilet that can be easily placed in any home, as well as regular waste collection and cleaning service—all at an affordable price.

2) Waste treatment and transformation. Sanivation then treats the waste material to ensure it is safe for reuse, before combining it with other waste streams to unlock its potential.

3) Affordable Fuel. The resulting product is a low cost fuel briquette, which can be sold as cheaper alternatives to existing charcoal, providing further benefits to its customers.

Sanivation offers in-house toilets and bi-weekly servicing to customers for 600 Ksh per month (~7$). The toilets are installed in the homes, and with every installation they teach the customers how to properly use the toilet. By adding ash after each use, the users ensure there is absolutely no smell. Every Monday and Thursday one of Sanivation’s community health promoters visits all the houses subscribed to their service, empties the waste, and replaces the used buckets with clean ones. He then speaks with the families about how the week went and checks the toilets to make sure they were used properly. By developing a personal relationship with each household, Sanivation can ensure that their customers are satisfied.