Problem Addressed

In rural areas in East Africa, large numbers of girls, many of them from impoverished families, often choose to stay at home during their monthly periods because they cannot afford disposable sanitary pads. This negatively impacts gender equality in terms of education, employment, and other areas of opportunity for girls and women.

Innovative Approach

Impact Africa Industry’s reusable Safi Pads for menstrual periods are innovative in that they provide a low-cost alternative to expensive disposable pads and to unhygienic rags available in rural East Africa. The pads enable girls to attend school during their periods, improving their school performance and as a result, their long-term economic outcomes.

Interview with the Founder

Program Solution

Safi Pads are inexpensive, reusable, washable sanitary towels made with absorbent cotton cloth. Impact Africa Industries has sold and distributed more than 1 million of these pads to low-income women across rural Kenya and Uganda. They employ over thirty local men and women to produce the pads.