Problem Addressed

Among Project KHEL’s beneficiaries, there is an inadequate understanding of the physiological reasons for menstruation, embarrassment about and lack of conversation on the issue, and poor hygiene in the management of menstruation.

Innovative Approach

Project KHEL had begun its MHM awareness sessions with a general set of information along with an educational video and pictures. As excited as they were to deliver the sessions, they realized that their efforts weren’t being as effective as possible, so they began reviving each and every section of our sessions, by sticking to the correct information, but packaging them in extremely fun and innovative ways.

Red Spot begins on a very light and funny note, establishing from the first second that periods don’t necessarily have to be a bad/evil/serious/hush-hush issue. They avoid one way information giving, and instead keep the sessions interactive, including seeking the opinions of the adolescents at each point of the session.

They use story telling and art to explain the entire phenomena of menstruation. In places one would deem a impossibility of this approach working out, Project KHEL gets a male facilitator to enter a room full of young girls, play the character of a Chemist, and ask for a volunteer to enact a girl buying sanitary pads from him. This is the final effort in the session to break the silence against menstruation.

In Project KHEL’s follow-up sessions, which are generally done after an interval of a few months, they opt for story telling sessions where the story line is built organically by the girls and the facilitator, in addition to fun games which test their knowledge levels post-Red Spot.

Project KHEL Celebrates Women's Day 2015

Program Solution

Project KHEL’s customised programs use sports and games as a platform to engage with beneficiaries (particularly adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds) at schools, slums, and camps. Once they are engaged, the Red Spot program leads youth through a series of modules designed to impart crucial Menstural Hygiene Management (MHM) knowledge though experiential and activity-based learning models. Menstruation does not need to be a hush-hush issue, and in fact, such an attitude is detrimental for girls’ and women’s lives, as well as society as a whole.

Red Spot takes a positive approach, sharing personal stories to let beneficiaries know that all women go through these issues and facilitating games in public gatherings to break the silence around MHM. Finally, Red Spot educates beneficiaries on various MHM products options available in the market and how to use and dispose or reuse them in a safe and hygienic manner.