Problem Addressed

Many communities in Kenya suffer from lack of access to clean water because they do not have systems in place to ensure water pumps are fixed after they break. This is often because there is no mechanism in place to collect revenues from water use, so there is no funding to maintain the systems.

Innovative Approach

Susteq is innovative because each water point they install is connected to the internet, so water entrepreneurs can easily monitor its functionality and usage data. They also use a pre-paid RFID system where users pre-load their cards with cash so they can pay for water easily. This creates a sustainable business model because water entrepreneurs are ensured a steady revenue stream and can constantly monitor the status of and maintain their water points.

About Susteq (Video)

Program Solution

Susteq implements automatic revenue collection systems at water point sites for monitoring and sustainable management. To to this, they provide users with RFID digital wallets. They can charge their wallets at nearby kiosks and use the wallet to purchase water. The money collected at the kiosk goes to Kenya’s national water organization and is used for local maintenance and support.