Problem Addressed

Globally, women and girls spend a staggering 200 million hours a day fetching water, walking approx. 6-8 km. This time and physical burden puts a woman’s health and safety is at risk, limits opportunities to pursue education and other empowering and dignified activities, and traps entire families in a cycle of poverty.

Innovative Approach

Wello focuses on developing products and services that consumers not only need, but want to use. Many organizations focus on bringing water to the surface. Wello focuses on both availability and purification for water safety. They do this effectively because they make a product that involves consumers in the design and development process, keeping the wheel culturally relevant.

Using the WaterWheel greatly reduces the time spent collecting water, relieves back strain, and helps cut down water borne illness with it’s design. By actively developing their business model they are making sure the wheel actually gets to the people that need it.


Program Solution

Wello is a social venture with an ambitious goal: to deliver clean water to a thirsty world. They design affordable solutions that save time and increase opportunities for people who lack reliable access to safe water. They designs products that people not only need, but want to use.

Wello’s flagship product, the WaterWheel, is a disruptively innovative tool designed to alleviate the physical energy, time, and psychological burdens associated with a lack of access to water. The WaterWheel’s simple design allows water to be placed inside its 45L “wheel,” making it possible to easily collect more water in a single trip, and hygienically store this water in the home.

Component devices are also currently in development, including point-of-use filtration and purification solutions, as well as drip irrigation systems.