Problem Addressed

In Kenya, 54% of rural communities and 46% of urban communities do not have access to safe drinking water (UNDP). Recent statistics reveal that at least 473 children under five years of age die in Kenya every day due to preventable causes. 17% of these deaths are due to diarrhea caused by the ingestion of certain bacteria, viruses, or parasites spread through water, food, utensils, hands and flies. Cholera remains endemic in some parts of the Kenya despite government efforts to curb the disease.

A recent drought has led to water rationing throughout Kenya. This has resulted in a sharp increase in water vending businesses. There is concern about the quality of this water since the sources and cleanliness of the water are unknown to the consumer.

Innovative Approach

Chujio’s water filters enable families to have simple and constant access to clean water in their homes; they don’t need to plan ahead to buy filtered water or worry about having chlorine tablets in the home. Customers also appreciate that the ceramic filter keeps the drinking water at a cool temperature.

Program Solution

Chujio water filters provide access to safe drinking water and help save lives by reducing the number of children under the age of 5 dying due to water-borne illnesses. The use of Chujio to treat household drinking water ensures that a family is free from water borne diseases and has easy access to clean water. This enables them to save money that would have been spent on hospital bills, medication and fuel, and time that they would have spent in hospital queues and at water points.This money will be used to improve livelihoods, for girls to stay in school and for families to engage in meaningful work.

Chujio staff were initially trained to create their filters by Potters for Peace, a US-based NGO, but the project has since been completely self-financed.

The pilot project has started with five high impact counties, with plans to roll out to the rest of the Kenya. In order to achieve widespread access, Chujio plans to market the simplicity and benefits of its water filters. It plans to establish a strong supply and distribution network country wide. Chujio employs an all-female sales team in order to create employment and improve livelihoods. As a part-time job, women are able to buy small amounts of stock and are given a short training course to sell the filters. They can then make a small profit on each unit sold.