Problem Addressed

From a climate perspective: If a fuel wood or charcoal user switches to biogas, the effects on environment and human health are immediate: no more tree logging or combustion of available organic matter, no transport of heavy wood bundles, no smoke/indoor air pollution in kitchens, less need for mineral fertilizer, and better sanitation and hygiene.

From a social good perspective – or why it matters how the technology is brought to the market: Change can only happen from within! A development in the energy field, (B)energy believes, can only sustainably take place when the benefit for the individual is great enough for them to make the necessary effort to get access to it. In (B)energy’s case this means customers need to buy the technology with their own money.

The business opportunities: (B)energy creates are designed to empower people, make them independent, let them gain faith in their own capability of solving their energy struggle with their own means, and eventually facilitate feelings of dignity and pride. (B)energy believes that these effects are better achieved through business opportunities than through charity.

Innovative Approach

(B)energy’s biogas products are not only affordable, mobile, unique, and durable – they turn their users into entrepreneurs. Whoever decides to become a biogas producer by investing in (B)energy’s biogas technology invests in an environmentally friendly future. They become not only a biogas user, but also a biogas provider for others. Producing more biogas than their own family needs for consumption allows them to make an income through the sale of biogas. This allows the biogas investment to pay off more through the creation of a small business. All of this is made possible through the unique biogas portability feature.

Program Solution

For (B)energy customers, biogas becomes a business. Whoever invests in a biogas system can produce gas from any kind of organic material that is available, even if bought, and sell the produced gas in the biogas backpack. The system owner becomes biogas supplier, and a low-tech, immediate and feasible switch from the current cooking fuel to biogas is facilitated. The biogas system (B)energy provides is mobile and does not require any fixed installation. It is above ground and installed in one day. Gas production starts within one week after initial fill-up of the digester.

(B)energy at Global Social Business Summit 2014