Problem Addressed

Afrisol addresses the challenges in sanitation due to poor distribution of toilets in informal settlements, energy challenges, and waste management.

Innovative Approach

Afrisol’s biodigester program is both multifunctional and sustainable. The program is able to both manage waste and convert it into something useful. In Afrisol’s schools program, they collect the waste into a biodigester, which then becomes fertilizer for tree planting in a mixed agricultural area with 10% forest cover.

Gas produced from the waste goes towards electricity and cooking fuel. Within 3-5 years, the schools can maintain their own systems, and they can also repay Afrisol for the system installation because of the money saved on fuel costs.

Program Solution

Afrisol designs and implements bio-digester technology throughout Kenya to provide renewable energy services. They have installed over 120 biogas installations in Kenya, converting biomass and manure into cooking gas and electricity to underserved communities, including at high schools, dairy farms and homes for the elderly. They have completed 15 installations at the commercial level of up to 124 cubic meters.